Hannay Series 1500 Hose Reels

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Hannay is the gold standard of industrial reels.  These are our go-to reel for our heavy duty trailer units.  No matter your washing needs, reels keep hoses organized and out of the way to prevent accidents and ensure quicker deployment and pick up so you can move to the next job faster

Cougar Chemical is a full line distributor of Hannay reels and you can call to order your specific model.  Our go to model is the versatile Series 1500.  These reels are compact, lightweight and hold long hose lengths.  Available with manual or electric rewind, these are perfect for mobile pressure washing applications.  

We typically stock a high pressure model (5000psi max) made with heavy duty schedule 80 internals with a 3/8" outlet.  This is available with electric or manual rewind with a capacity of 500 or 200 feet.

The other configuration is standard pressure (3000 psi) with a garden hose attchment.  This is perfect for tank filling or running a pressure washer off of a spigot.  This also is available as electric or manual rewind in 200 or 500 foot capacities.   

The beauty of using the same model of reel in different configurations, is that you can use the Hannay Stack Bracket to mount one reel on top of the other for space saving.



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