Fog Out Odor Eliminator

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Fog-Out Odor Eliminator is a fogger with a unique and proprietary system designed to remove any and all odors from automotive interiors.  Simple to use with effective, permanent results.  Fog-Out removes odors from tobacco, pet, mildew, mold and any odor lasting odor.  For use after detailing of vehicle is completed.


1)  Park vehicle outside and in a shaded location.  

2)  Plug in all seat belts and fold out sun visors so odor neutralizing gas can have maximum exposure.  Close all windows and doors.

3)  Open the kit and throw away the lid.  Do not use the lid.

4)  Turn on the vehicle and run the Air Conditioner with the temperature set between 70 and 85 degrees.  Set the Climate controls on recirculate and to the floor.   

5)  Use gloves and goggles when opening the packages.  Place the tablets in the container.  Place the canister in the middle of the vehicle on a large towel. 

6)  Add water to the fill line of the canister and immediately exit the vehicle and close the door.  Chlorine Dioxide gas will emit immediately.  

7)  Allow 60 minutes for the gas to circulate in the vehicle.  Open all the doors and allow the vehicle to air out.  Dispose of the liquid safely.  

Avoid contact with the gas and left over liquid.

Manufactured by ABPCO (Auto Beauty Products Company)



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