Epic Wash Quart

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Epic Wash...Premium Car Wash Soap

Cougar Chemical Epic Wash is a super thick, super concentrated, shampoo and conditioning car wash formula. It’s superior lubricity allows it to gently and safely wash away dirt and contaminants from your vehicle’s painted surface without compromising your vehicle’s wax or sealant finish. Epic Wash is our PTP collection premium car wash formula and can be used on any automotive finish. Here at Cougar Chemical we like to think that Epic Wash is the best car wash soap on the market. We might be just a bit bias, but after using it you'll probably agree. Like all of our Performance Tested Product's, it has been designed to outperform the competition. Epic Wash car wash soaps formula is not only safe for any vehicle's finish, it also has water softening agents that can help reduce water spots while your vehicle dries after it's been washed. We wanted our Performance Tested Products not only to work great but also offer a pleasant detailing experiene while you pamper your automotive's finish. Epic Wash quickly suds up in your wash bucket with a thick foam and gives off a refreshing cherry fragrance while being used. Now you can care for your vehicle's finish on an epic scale using the same premium quality products that professionals rely on. Add PTP Epic Wash to your detail shelf today!

Directions for Use:

Dilute 1/2 ounce of Epic Wash per gallon of water.


- Add appropriate amount of Epic Wash in wash bucket.
- Add appropriate amount of water in wash bucket.
- Soak a sponge or microfiber wash mitt with car wash.
- Gently wash away soils and contaminants on vehicle’s finish.



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