Cuda SJ-15 Series Top-Load Parts Washers - Standard Model

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The SJ-15 Series uses patented spray wash technology, which eliminates the need for drive motor, gears, pulleys, etc. Using a water-propelled spray arm with 23 nozzles that spins around a stationary parts basket, parts are hit from every angle and are never more than 18 inches from the spray nozzle, creating a surround cleaning effect. A brush brake assembly automatically turns off pump and immediately stops the rotating spray arm when lid is opened to protect operator from hot-water spray.

  • 350 Lbs. Load Capacity
  • 90 Gal. Sump Capacity
  • 6.0 kW Heater
  • Automatic Oil Skimmer standard
  • Low Water Shutdown standard
  • Heater Timer (7 day / 24 hour) standard
  • Machine: 51"L x 48"W x 49"H



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