Cougar Ceramic Detail Kit

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Ceramics have revolutionized auto detailing, and Cougar Chemical’s detailing kit creates an easy and fast way to realize the amazing benefits of ceramic protection. When compared to hand polishing and waxing, our process and detailing kit provides better protection, a deeper shine, brighter color, and un-matched slickness in a fraction of the time. Our ceramic detail kit includes a 16oz bottle of the Cougar Ceramic Detail spray, an applicator towel, a Water Demon Drying Towel and 2 microfiber towels.

Cougar Ceramic Detail Spray is one of the easiest ways to get ceramic protection. This ceramic detail spray delivers exceptional gloss and slickness to the treated surfaces, along with unparalleled surface protection. The car ceramic protection can be used wet or dry. Only a few sprays per panel are needed for adequate coverage. This versatile ceramic paint protection can be used on all exterior surfaces, including glass, plastic trim, chrome, moldings and wheels. Using the included applicator, surface contaminates are pulled from the surface of the paint. This serves to deep clean the paint and helps the ceramic detail spray better adhere to the surface. The use of the applicator also works to evenly distribute and massage the product into the paint. This leaves the paint feeling amazingly slick, bright and ultra reflective all in minutes. Start with washing the car with a premium shampoo like Cougar #101 Mighty Suds Auto Shampoo Car Wash Soap. Wet the applicator towel. Lightly mist the Cougar Ceramic Detail Spray on one body panel at a time. Work the product into the paint with the applicator (rubber side down) until the towel glides across the paint smoothly. Use the Water Demon to dry the surface by opening it up and dragging it across the surface, wringing it out as needed. Switch to a dry microfiber to lightly buff out any streaks to a final shine.



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