Cougar #1B Truck & Trailer Cleaner

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Cougar #1B Truck & Trailer Cleaner

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Features And Benefits: A biodegradable low ph detergent used at economical dilution ratios for pre-treating dirt and road film on vehicle surfaces. Used in conjunction with #2 or #1031 to activate a molecular scrubbing action that does not require brushing to remove oxidation and road film. This unique formula causes the negative ions to reverse polarity and release the most stubborn elements. Safe on polished aluminum and glass.  This would be step one of a two step truck wash.

Directions: This product is safe for use on all metal surfaces as long as diluted accordingly, 6:1 up to 64:1. #1B and #2 are used one over the other before the final rinse. The use dilution of these compounds produces one of the mildest washing systems available while effectively removing road film and cleaning polished aluminum surfaces.



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