Cougar #1600 Panel Brite

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Cougar #1600 Panel Brite

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Features: This is a very effective highly concentrated liquid, cleaning detergent especially formulated with the highest quality penetrants and surfactants to promote the rapid emulsification of dirt, grease, oil and road film. It is safe to use on all surfaces, when used as directed, and is especially well suited for cleaning trucks, tractors, pre-painted trailers, buses, etc. and even removes extremely difficult magnetic road film without brushing. Especially well suited for use in automatic drive-through wash systems.

Panel Brite is a highly concentrated detergent and must be diluted with water prior to use. The optimum cleaning dilution for most surfaces is between 32:1 and 100:1. When using through high pressure, hot water cleaning equipment, set metering valve at desired dilution rate, soak down entire surface to be cleaned with cleaning solution, return to starting point and detail clean from the bottom to the top. When cleaning is completed, rinse with clear water from the top down. In automatic truck wash systems, use through the chemical injector at a ratio of 60:1 onto the brushes and at 45:1 through the pre-spray arch.



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