Cougar #10 Heavy Duty Degreaser

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Cougar #10 Heavy Duty Degreaser

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Features And Benefits: Biodegradable and EPA DFE A specialized biodegradable heavy duty degreaser formulated to quickly remove grease, oil, dirt and accumulated industrial grime from floors, parts and equipment. Designed for the environment this concentrated formula allows for high dilution ratios, saving time and money. Excellent for use in auto scrubbers and pressure washers. Rinses clean and leaves no residue.

Directions: Parts/Engines/Wheels: dilute up to 128:1 with water. To apply, use a tank sprayer or siphon gun. Spray Area Using a drenching effect rather than a fine spray. Let stand 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with high pressure. Floors: dilute up to 128:1 with water. Apply using mop or auto scrubber. If floor is excessively slippery during cleaning product may not be diluted enough.



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