Catamount 200 Cougar Hot Water Pressure Washer Trailer Full Package

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 Call this the dream machine.  All the features a mobile cleaning system you could ever ask for at a competitive price,  Every component has been hand-selected by Cougar Chemical to offer the most capable, dependable, and user-friendly system in the business.

Starting with the trailer, it is ALL Steel, with no wood to rot out.  The decks and fenders are 3/16" treadplate, not flimsy sheet metal.  The trailer has been extended to accommodate larger hose reels and a larger pressure washer.  All the lighting is recessed to protect it from damage.  The higher ground clearance will allow the unit to traverse rough terrain to reach the job site.

The Pressure washer has all the best features.  The horizontal coil traps heat so it runs hotter with less fuel consumption.  The design of the frame puts all the engine, controls, and pump on top for easier maintenance.  The Fuel tanks have extra capacity, 10 gallons for gas and diesel for extended run times.  We finally have tanks with fuel gauges.  

We chose the Vanguard engine because its reliability rivals any engine available and it provides adequate power.  The most appealing aspect of the Vanguard is its electrical system.  The stator of the engine powers the electrical system on the burner.  Through years of experience, our technicians have found that the Vanguard's electrical system is the most dependable available.

Out back, we chose our favorite reel from Hannay.  The Electric rewind makes operation easier and faster.  The rugged construction ensures years of dependable operation.  The other reel stores an industrial garden hose plumed to the 200-gallon fresh water tank.  The flow is routed through a float valve.  This can do two things, 1) you don't have to watch the tank fill, it will just stop when full.  2) if you leave the water connected and turned on, the tank will never run dry on those bigger jobs.

This is the unit you are looking for.  Never before has Cougar Chemical been able to offer this much feature-rich, dependable and rugged equipment at such an attractive value.




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