PTP Bug Destroyer

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Bug Destroyer...Quickly Remove Proteins!

Cougar Chemical Bug Destroyer is designed to quickly remove protein splatter from your vehicle's exterior surfaces while being gentle on your wax or sealant finish. It breaks down proteins at a chemical level allowing them to lift from the surface and be gently wiped away. Bug Destroyer is our go to product for removing bug kill from grilles, hoods, lights, bumpers, and any other painted or trim surfaces and makes light work of removing caked on protein contaminants. Next time you need to clean bug splatter from your vehicle's finish, don't just clean it, DESTROY IT!

Directions for Use:
This product is ready to use. Don't add water.

Shake well before using.

Spray directly on surface needing to be cleaned.

Gently wipe off with clean, soft microfiber towel or detail towel.

Use a soft sponge with product on stubborn bugs and proteins.



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