22mm Twist Seal Couplers

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These fittings are used to attached 22mm European style hoses and accessories to U.S. Standard fittings.  Upgrade the hose on your residential pressure washer to Landa Tuff-Skin wire braided hose or connect Accessories.  The Sockets have an internal O-ring seal, a machined brass body, a high impact plastic knob.  Use at a maximum of 7.8 Gallons per minute, 3600 PSI at 302°F.  The Plugs are made from heavy duty machined brass that provides a safe and leak free connection.

Landa Stock Numbers:

8.709-522.0  1/4 FPT Socket

8-709-530.0  3/8 FPT Socket

9.802-173.0  1/4 MPT Socket

8.709-526.0  3/8 MPT Socket

8.709-540.0  1/4 FPT Plug

8.709-546.0  3/8 FPT Plug

8.709-536.0  1/4 MPT Plug

8.707-185.0  3/8 MPT Plug



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