Wash System for C-Stores

Robert came to us needing to clean and maintain multiple Convivence Store Locations.  He wanted to keep 2 operators working but some of the stores are smaller so he needed a maneuverable system that could move thorough lots.  He also needed the power to quickly get good cleaning results so multiple locations  could receive attention each evening. 

Since maneuverability is a priority,  We chose to build of the Catamount single axel trailer with some custom modifications.  The trailer is equipped to carry 200 gallons of fresh water.  Because all the C-stores have water available, the limited water capacity would be no problem.

Having 2 operators meant we could double productivity with 2 machines.  We selected the Cougar Hot Water Skid that puts out 5gpm at 3500psi.  This machine offers plenty of cleaning performance and power and will have no problem running a surface cleaner.

To accompany the Hot Water Machine, we selected a Landa Cold water machine also putting down 5 gallons per minute.  On the cold water machine, we added a down-stream chemical injector that will let the operator dilute and apply our Cougar Concrete Cleaner.  Once the detergent is laid down, the hot water machine can follow with the surface cleaner.  Once the surface cleaner has done the bulk of the cleaning, the cold water can be used at the same time to perform a high pressure rinse and touch-up.

To keep both pressure washers fed with fresh water, we plumbed a Hannay reel to a garden hose and a float valve that will keep the 200 gallon tank full.  We elected to add a pair of Hannay electric rewind hose reels, each carrying 200 feet of high pressure hose that will keep the operators working instead of moving the trailer around.

When the machines were completed, we were able to arrange logistics to get the units where they needed to be.

These cleaning systems have phenomenal power per square inch and will keep these c-stores safe and looking good.



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