Wash Rack Waste Water Treatment

Our client re-manufactures aircraft ground operations equipment.  They have been paying THOUSAND$ of dollars in waste water removal and they decided to seek a more cost effective solution.  Cougar Chemical was called in to design and install a waste water treatment system that would let them treat the water so it would be safe to discharge to the sanitary sewer.  Washing duty is handled by a Landa ENG hot water pressure washer using Cougar Chemical Degreasers and detergents at the wash rack.  The wash water runs into a pit and is pumped to the first WaterMaze CLT600 Cone Bottom Tank.  The #1 Tank is equipped with an Automatic Purge controller, an Ozone Generator, an oil funnel and a pH controller.  The purge controller purges un-treated water into the sludge tub where heavier sediments like small rocks are captured.  The ozone generator uses UV light to kill odors.  The pH controller injects caustic or acid as needed to make the waste stream a safe, near neutral pH.  The oil funnel decants floating oils off the top of the tanks and contains it in the oil decanter.  Treated water then feeds into CLT600 Tank #2 which is equipped with a Watermaze Compact CoAg unit.  There, the waste stream is treated with 2 chemicals, a Coagulant, and a Flocculant.  The Coagulant makes the suspended solids stick together.  The Flocculant makes those solids fall to the bottom of the Cone Bottom Tank.  The Automatic Purge Valve on the #2 CLT600 feeds to the Indexing Paper Filter (IPF).  The dirty water pumps out onto a bed of 20 micron filter paper.  As the paper filter gets clogged, the IPF feeds in fresh filter paper.  The dirty filter paper is fed into a used paper tub that can be disposed of as solid waste.  The polished water falls into a collection pit that feeds into the sanitary sewer.


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