Ultimate Portable Pressure Washer

The Nashville Downtown Partnership had a seemingly impossible cleaning requirement.  They had to have a powerful pressure washer that was durable enough to last several daily shifts.  The needed portability to reach areas like alleyways, sidewalks, playgrounds and bike trails.  Places where full sized trucks and trailers just can’t access.  They had to be able to carry water to the job location but still can run off of a spigot where water was available.  Finally, they needed reach so they can cover ground quickly without moving around.  The Can Am had just enough payload capacity to carry 100 gallons of wash water.  It will have no problem running over curbs, fitting between crosswalk barriers and driving down narrow alleyways and pedestrian paths. 

We chose the industrial belt drive Landa HD40/40GeB pressure washer.  The belt drive will operate long hours and have no problem pulling from the 100-gallon water tank.  We plumed the pressure washer with garden hose fittings so the operator can choose to run off the tank or off a spigot.  The 4000psi provides ample power to clean any surface.  The electric start engine makes startup much easier. 

Space in the back of the vehicle was tight but we could compromise on performance and capability.  We still had to accommodate 100ft of high-pressure hose.  We used a pedestal so the large capacity hose reel would clear the bed rails and leave room to mount the battery for the electric start engine.  We then added some chemical storage and plumbed it to a low pressure injector so the operator and quickly apply his choice of cleaning detergents.

Next time you are in downtown Nashville, keep an eye out.  You will be very likely to see one of these little beasts hard at work keeping downtown Nashville awesome.

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