Truck Mounted Pressure Washer

This customer needed a rig that they could use to wash down parking garages.  We had to source a low profile tank that could fit through the low garages and a trailer was just not an option for the tight spaces.  They wanted a 2 person crew to run a surface cleaner and a rinse wand at the same time so we used a Landa PGHW hot water pressure washer that puts out 8 Gallons per minute at 3000psi.  To keep them working quickly, we added an air gap fill that they can use with a fire hydrant.  Optionally, they can use the 500 feet of garden hose that we wound up on an electric rewind hose reel.  The two 200 ft high pressure reels let the operators cover plenty of area before moving the truck.  Our bed supplier added plenty of storage so the wash crew can get all their gear to the job site.



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