Trailer with Dual Pressure Washers

Steven wanted to expand his window washing business to give him the ability to offer additional services to his customers like washing siding, sidewalks and driveways.  We had to have power, mobility and simplicity.  

Because this rig would work in primarily cramped residential areas, we elected to start with the highly maneuverable single axel Catamount 200 trailer.  Work crews typically have 2 operators so we wanted to be able to run 2 wands.  One operator could run the surface cleaner while the other runs a wand to rinse.  The most dependable way to run 2 guns to to run 2 pressure washers.  We plumbed two Landa HD40/40G pressure washers to the 200 gallon tank with independent filtration.

When working commercial and residential properties, reach is important so we used a pair of High pressure Hannay reels with 275 feet of capacity.

Most of the time, this rig will work near a water source so we added in an automatic tank fill.  The Hannay reel can hold 100 feet of industrial garden hose plumbed to a float valve.  This gives the operators the ability to continuously work without running out of water.

Finally, up front we had room to mount a steel treadplate toolbox for storage of accessories and detergents.  Find your custom trailer mounted cleaning system HERE




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