Trailer Mounted Hot Water Pressure Washer for Rental Company

A local equipment rental company had a good customer with the need for a long term rental of a trailer mounted hot water pressure washer.  The rental yard needed a machine that could perform and take a beating.  They asked Cougar Chemical for a machine that could perform but handle the rigors of rental fleet life.  We decided on at Catamount 200 trailer because it's all-steel construction makes it more durable than most other trailers.  The 200 gallon water capacity was just enough for the job.  The Landa PGDC powered by a Honda GX630 will provide ample power and dependability.  The Landa 200ft hose reel mounted out back will give enough reach to wash heavy equipment.  This is a powerful machine, optioned for durability that happens to be one of our most popular configurations.


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