The Clean Everything Trailer Rig

Ernie came to us with a simple requirement, he must have what it takes to clean anything he comes across.  Being an experienced contract cleaner, Ernie really meant he must clean everything from residential exteriors to heavy equipment, to parking garages.  He also manages an experienced cleaning crew so keeping several operators busy and achieving operational efficiency is important.

Since we had to have everything, we went with our heavy-duty Catamount 500 trailer that can carry 500 gallons of fresh water with 6,000-pound axels.  A toolbox on the front provides needed storage for accessories, parts and detergents. 

The heavy cleaning comes from the Cougar LFT Hot Water Pressure Washer that puts out 5gpm at 3500psi.  The power comes from the dependable 18hp Vanguard Engine.  This machine has all the components positioned up high, making maintenance easier.  10-gallon gas and diesel tanks allow for long operational times.

A 2nd operator can use the Landa HD4.0/40GeB cold water pressure washer for rinsing or detail work.  Both pressure washers are fed from the same 500-gallon tank.  Having independent pressure washers can be beneficial because in the event of a problem, you can keep working.  This also lets 2 operators work independently.

For areas where reach is an issue, we added an industrial soft wash system.  This system can spray detergents up to 40 feet high.  The soft wash is plumbed to a stainless reel with 200 feet of hose.  Feeding the soft wash system is a 55-Gallon detergent tank. 

Out back, we installed 2 Hannay electric rewind hose reels stacked to save time and space. 

Then we added a garden hose reel plumbed into the 500-Gallon tank through a float valve that keeps the tank full.

With this rig, Ernie has the confidence that no matter what the job, he has the tools and the power to get the job done.



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