The Bad Kitty Mobile Cleaning System

We call this build the Bad Kitty. This is a highly modified version our Catamount 300 trailer mounted cleaning system. The trailer is all steel and is carried with two 3500lb axels with a trailer brake. There are 2 tanks, one dedicated to fresh water, the other for recovered water.

The hot water pressure washer is a Landa Model PGHW8-30324E that puts out 8 gallons per minute at 3000 psi. This machine can run 1 or 2 wands at the same time. This machine has no problem running a wand and a surface cleaner at the same time. If running one gun with the full 8 gallons of cleaning power, the machine is ideal for washing construction equipment.

We have 4 electric rewind hose reels from Hannay. 2 reels run pressure hose from the pressure washer. 1 reel carries 100 feet of garden hose that is plumbed to the fresh water tank connected to a float valve for automatic filling. The 4th hose reel carries 200feet of 1/2 hose for the soft wash system.

We have a reclaim system that filters dirty water to 50 and 20 microns. The reclaim system has an auto pump out to the 2nd tank. The 2nd tank has a gate valve for quick emptying or you can open the cross over valve so the reclaimed water can be re-used. The reclaim system is powered by a 4000 watt Champion generator that also runs the charger for the soft wash system or any other 110v tools you may need.

The soft wash system operates off of a deep cycle 12v battery. The Hannay hose reel uses as PVC swivel that is resistant to corrosive chemicals like bleach. The variable spray soft wash wand is also chemical resistant and can reach out to 25-30 feet.

The storage box in the front is built for treadplate steel that matches the trailer and is lockable.

This versatile rig should be able to handle about any cleaning job.



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