Pressure Washer Trailer for Steel Mill Landa PGHW8

Our client is a contractor for a Steel Mill.  They have to keep the heavy equipment at the mill clean and operating.  They needed high performance cleaning power but they don't have room to maneuver a large trailer around in the yard.  The Machine would mostly be stationary but had to be able to move about for cleaning jobs all over the facility.

To be able to remove high volumes of mud, we prescribed the Landa PGHW8 that puts out 8gmp at 3000psi.  To keep the maneuverability high and the footprint low, we went with the Catamount single axel trailer carrying 200 gallons of fresh water.  Since the machine typically operates at the wash rack, we installed a garden hose reel plumbed to a float valve.  This lets them keep the machine hooked up to water without overflowing.

Out back, there are dual heavy duty Hanny Reels.  One for high pressure output, the other holds the industrial garden hose plumbed to the float tank.

This is a heavy duty unit in a small footprint.



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