Pressure Washer Trailer for Rooftop A/C Cleaning

Eric came to us with a pretty specific need.  He has to wash rooftop air conditioner units.  Sometimes, the AC units have smaller parking lots and require a small, maneuverable unit.  Many times, these units are on very large buildings so being able to have plenty of reach was necessary.  These can also be all-day jobs to long run time, durability and reliability is required.  To keep the package small and easy to get in and out of small areas, we started with the Catamount 200 single axel trailer with 200 gallons of water.  Since we needed maximum reach, we added an electric rewind Hannay reel with 500 feet of capacity with 500 feet of non-marking hose.  To keep this unit running all day, we added a garden hose and reel plumbed to a float tank that will keep the tank full all day.  The Landa HD Gas Pressure washer with belt drive delivering 4 gallons per minute at 4000psi will provide the cleaning performance and the dependability we needed.  To keep the pump cool, we ran a bypass to the tank that will keep cool water flowing into the pump on extended run times.



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