Pressure Washer Trailer for Parking Garage Cleaning

Larry was looking to expand his business and earned a contract to clean a parking garage.  He had to do his cleaning with limited hours so speed and productivity was his primary concern. 

To meet his tight deadline, we special ordered a machine.  We swapped the pump and pulleys to give 10 gallons per minute at 3000 psi.  We also added 10 gallon fuel tanks to allow long run times.  We split the flow into two Hannay 500ft electric rewind reels stacked on the back of the rig.  This lets 1 or 2 operators run at the same time.  The 500ft capacity will allow for incredible reach so operators will not have to stop and move the trailer. 

We then plumbed in a Hannay reel to a garden hose and a float valve.  This lets the operators hook up to water without concern of running out of water of over-filling the tank.  All the equipment is mounted to our Catamount 500 trailer with a 500 gallon fresh water tank.

This rig will provide maximum cleaning performance in record time.



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