Pressure Washer Trailer for House Washing

Jeremy came to Cougar wanting to start a business doing residential cleaning.  He didn't want to cut corners but he didn't want to break the bank either.  We decided that a Catamount 200 Cold Water would fill his needs.

Since we wanted to do brick and concrete work, we elected for the Landa HD4.0/40Ge.  This is a direct drive unit with a Honda Engine, Electric Start and 4 gallons per minute at 4000psi.

We wanted to be able to carry and apply detergent without worry of running out so we added a 55-gallon detergent tank and plumbed it to a low pressure detergent valve.

Keeping things quick and easy, we put all the nozzles he would need on a J-Rod.

To stay organized, we put a tool box up front for all his tools and accessories.



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