Power Wash Van

The Transit Van makes a fantastic platform for a mobile power washing rig.  We started out by getting a Rhino liner put in our client's van.  The Power Washer is Landa's PGDC5 that puts out 5 gallons per minute at 3500 psi.  This is plenty of power to run a surface cleaner on concrete, wash buildings or even fleet washing.  The burner exhausted is vented out of the roof.  We use a steel exhaust that can close to keep the weather out of the van.  We install a safety switch to make sure the burner can not be run with the lid shut.  Out back, we opted to stack 2 Hannay 1500 series reels.  The top reel holds 100 feet of industrial garden hose as a supply line.  The bottom reel has the capacity of 275 feet of high pressure hose.  This set up leaves room for additional supplies and equipment.  Take a look at more of our vehicle mounted cleaning systems here


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