Hot Water Pressure Washer in Transit Van

We built up this van mounted hot water pressure washer system for a local facility services company. They will be using this mostly for restaurant hood vent cleaning but this rig would be right at home doing sidewalks or other vehicles. Because this rig will be used where there is a water source, carrying a water tank was not needed and space was saved in the van for equipment and chemical storage. We started by mounting a commercial grade Landa PGDC hot water pressure washer that puts out 5 gallons per minute at 3500 psi. This is fed by a garden hose reel with 100 feet of industrial garden hose that should last a long time. The pressure hose is stored on an electric rewind reel. There is capacity for 500 feet of hose so getting up on roof tops will be no problem. The pressure washer is vented through the roof and is weather sealed. The vent has a switch that will shut off the burner just in case the operator forgets to open the vent. All this power is wrapped up in a compact package that can go about anywhere.



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