Heavy Equipment Wash Rack

This client rents out heavy equipment that needs kept clean.  When these machine come back from the construction site, they are often pretty muddy.  Cougar designed a wash pad for the initial cleaning of the heavy mud.

We started the build with a steel wash pad with a built in mud conveyer system.  The mud is collected in a central trench where a conveyor moves the mud to a dumpster for easy disposal.  We used a Watermaze Water Blaster for the heavy washing.  This unit puts out 25 gallons per minute at 300 psi.  This high volume of water easily blasts away the heaviest of mud.

The Water Blaster is fed by a 500 gallon cone bottom tank with a fresh water fill controlled by a float valve.  This is a closed loop system.  A pump pulls water off the conveyor back to the tank for re-use.  All the equipment is housed in a Conex next to the wash pad.

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