Gas Station Cleaner

Cougar's challenge was to build a system to wash gas stations. The trailer system needed to be small to get in and out of smaller, urban gas stations. We had to be quick because the gas stations are never closed so we needed to minimize the impact on the station's customer experience.

We started out with the Cougar Catamount trailer that carries 200 gallons of fresh water. We chose the smaller trailer so we could easily maneuver around smaller lots. Because all the stations have water spigots, we could get away with the smaller tank by adding a garden hose reel plumbed to a float valve that will keep the tank full while operating.

We needed speed so we could minimize the impact on the customer experience so we knew we wanted to run 2 operators. We decided on the Landa PGDC8 that puts out 8gpm of water. The hot water is a necessity to break down oil and fuel stains quickly.

The 1st operator would use a wand to put down detergent with a downstream injector. The 2nd operator could run the surface cleaner while the 1st operator could also perform a high-pressure rinse. To support the high-speed operation, we added 275 ft high-capacity electric rewind Hannay reels. This enables the operators to cover the entire gas station without having to move the trailer. The electric rewind reel will make storing the hoses much quicker.



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