Forklift Transportable Pressure Washer Skid

This was a unique situation that required a unique solution.  Our Client is constructing a solar farm.  The location is remote and the terrain is rough.  They have an all-terrain forklift.  They needed to be able to reach the solar panels with the forklift but there was no water source at the construction site.  

We started with our Detail 100 Skid and modified it to have forklift slots.  This was so that while crossing rough ground, the skid could not come off.  Since the solar farm is huge and the panels needed cleaning often, we elected for an industrial belt drive pressure washer from Landa.  This unit puts out 3 gallons per minute which is plenty of performance for the application and the belt drive design will stand up to heavy usage.  To make cleaning easier, we installed a hose reel with 100 feet of high pressure hose.

This unit would work great for construction or agricultural applications.  



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