Dual Hot Water Trailer

We built this amazing rig was built for a building maintenance contractor.  We designed this system so that the cleaning technicians could clean the exterior of a building in a very short amount of time after business hours. 

We started with two Landa PGHWs so that two technicians could work at the same time.  The 500 gallon tank should give them plenty of run time so that they don't have to wait on re-filling the tank.  The pressure washers have low and high pressure chemical injectors connected to a 50 gallon detergent tank.  For bigger jobs, we added a garden hose reel with an industrial 100ft hose so they can be filling the tank while they work.  We put two Cox reels with 500ft of capacity so they can clean the tallest of buildings.  The reels have motorized rewind to make pulling in the hose fast and easy.  We then mounted a MiTm Industrial generator to run lighting that extends work into the night time hours. 

All this is mounted to the Cougar Catamount 500 trailer that features a rugged design, recessed lights to prevent damage, stepping platforms built into the fenders for easy tank access, front axle trailer brakes, a high quality 500 gallon poly water tank that comes with a 3 year warranty, and plenty of room for hose reels, tool boxes, and storage. The trailer is a tandem axle all powder coated steel design to ensure years of use and abuse. It's unique design is specifically built for pressure washing applications and has room for multiple tanks and equipment.

The Landa PGHW has been Landa's most popular skid unit for over two decades – classic rugged design with a compact footprint. Whether you drop this into the bed of a pickup or mount on a custom trailer, this gasoline-powered machine is meant to travel to wherever the dirt and grime needs to be attacked. With models capable of delivering up to 5 gallons of water per minute and up to 5,000 pounds per square inch of surface pressure you can choose a model tailor fit for your individual cleaning application. You will find this model a favorite among contract cleaners, facilities managers, municipalities, and oil field service companies because it delivers solid performance and unmatched reliability.



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