Dual Hot Water Power Washer Trailer

Greg had to speed up his operation.  Mostly, he cleans parking lots of commercial properties.  The time he has to complete the job is limited so we needed quality work at max speed.  We went all out with power and capacity.  We started with a Catamount 500 trailer with twin 6000lb axels to handle the load.  Because we needed maximum dependability, we installed Landa PGHW hot water power washers.  One is an 8gpm unit, the other a 5.  Both are plumbed to a 525 gallon fresh water tank.  We didn't want to waste time moving the trailer around at the job site so we decided to install two Hannay electric hose reels with 500 feet of capacity.  Again, not wasting time, we added a Hannay Garden hose reel plumbed to a float valve.  This lets us hook up to a water source and continuously fill the tank without worry of over-filling.  Speed and power in one good looking rig.


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