Dealership Detail Shop

This existing dealership changed hands and the new owners decided their detail department needed a full overhaul.  Dealerships need to perform high quality details efficiently and at a high volume.    We started out with a Landa EHW pressure washer.  This All Electric hot water pressure washer works without Natural Gas or Diesel and does not require cutting a hole in the roof for a vent.  We ran the pressure washer to a 360° boom that gives full mobility to the operator.  We added Hannay spring rewind air hose reels at each bay for using their Tornadors or blowing out crevices under seats and rotary brush tools.  The JE Adams 9235 Commercial vacuum has (2) 25ft hoses.  The walls of the detail bay have matt clamps that lets the operator clean floor mats with the pressure washer, saving time.  Cougar Chemical was also able to provide all the paint correction equipment, a carpet extractor and all the detailing supplies.


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