Cougar Mobile Pressure Washer

Say hello to our new and improved mobile pressure washing system!  We made some changes and built a system with all our best features.  Staring out with the rugged Catamount 200 trailer, we stretched is 3 inches in the back and 6 inches in the front.  This gave us room on the back to stack multiple Hannay reels without overhang.  The stretch in the front gives us the ability to mount a wider variety of hot or cold water pressure washers with Larger frames.  The new frames reconfigures the pressure washer making maintenance much easier.  The engine and the pump are moved higher in the frame where this un-obstructed access.  We put larger 10gallon fuel tanks (gas and diesel) providing more un-interrupted run time.  The burner controls are right up front where they are easy to reach, right beside the engine controls.  The Vanguard engine has been our go-to for availability, dependability and power.  The coil is made from cold rolled schedule 80 steel pipe has a 5 year warranty and is covered with a stainless steel top wrap.  The high efficiency 12v DC Burner is mounted to the side for ease of maintenance.  Our unit as all the safety features including a rupture disk, and a high temp shut off to protect from excessive heat and pressure.  Out back, we have the Hannay electric rewind hose reel.  This unit is built to handle any cleaning job.  Explore all of Cougar's trailer mounted pressure washers here.


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