Cougar Auto Detailing Enclosed Trailer

We built this trailer for the sole purpose of detailing cars and truck.  This is the basic package that give you all the equipment you need for mobile detailing.  The enclosed trailer provides a professional appearance, ample storage and security.  This compact unit is easy to maneuver and will fit in most standard garages.  This unit is set up with a barn door in the rear and a side door.  It is set to carry 200 gallons of fresh water that will keep you cleaning all day.  The hose reel is elevated for comfortable use and maximizes storage space.  100ft of hose guarantees you can reach all angles of even the largest vehicle.  At Cougar chemical, we don't use generic, no-name pressure washers.  We offer the only industrial pressure washer built to last, Landa.  This unit is the HD3.0/27, the direct drive, Honda Powered pressure washer that puts out 3 gallons per minute at 2700 psi.  It is bypassed to the tank so the pump stays cool and lasts even longer.


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