Cleaning a Cruise Ship with a Mytee Extractor

Ryan reached out to us because he needed a cleaning solution for his company's new boat.  This wasn't just any boat, 450' long, 193 guest rooms, 386 passengers, 148 crew members, multiple restaurants, bars, a café and an outdoor grill.  They needed to clean it all, carpet, tile, and upholstery.  We quickly agreed that the Mytee LTD-12 would be the equipment we needed. 

The Mytee LTD-12 Speedster has all the cleaning power we needed in a compact size that could fit on the elevators and move about the ship easily.  The 1200psi pump could blast away grime from tile grout and all hard surfaces.  The dual vac motors would decrease drying time and minimize the impact on guests.  The auto pump out and auto fill let the crew work continuously.  We added the floor wand, Mytee Dry Upholstery Tool and the Spinner tile & grout cleaner.

It was convenient that the ship docked in Memphis so we were able to meet the crew, deliver the machine and train the crew on the ship.

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