Catamount Trailer Landa PGHW8

A trailer mounted mobile power washing system with a Landa PGHW8 Hot Water pressure washer.  Bryce and Allen needed a way to wash their growing fleet of over the road trucks.  They wanted power, capacity so we prescribed a Catamount 500 trailer with the capacity to carry 500 gallons of fresh water.  A Landa PGHW pushing 8 gallons of water per minute provides awesome power.  We went with a Hannay hose reel with a hose capacity of 500 feet so they can cover the whole yard without having to move the trailer.  Because of the tremendous hose length, we added the electric rewind option to reduce operator fatigue.  Since we need to get to work quick, we added a hydrant quick tank fill.  The trucks we are washing are high end with spectacular paint, bright stainless and polished aluminum so we couldn't use anything that could damage delicate finishes.  We decided to forego using high pressure detergent and instead elected to bypass the power washer to the tank to provide cooling and protection for the pump.  To perform the 2 step truck wash process, we added a selector valve to a low pressure chemical injector, one for our 1B pre-soak and the other for our #1031 Car and Truck Spray Wash.  The combination of these detergents will provide great cleaning power while remaining safe for the delicate finishes.


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