Catamount 200 Trailer with Landa HD4.0/40GeB

This Trailer Mounted Cold Water Pressure Washing System is outfitted to take on about any job.  The powerful Landa Pressure washer puts out 4 gallons per minute at 4000 psi.  This is plenty of power to wash about anything.  The Belt drive offeres all day every day durability.  Electric start is the ONLY way to go.  There are two of the Hannay series 1500 industrial hose reels.  One reels holds 100ft of garden hose and is plumed to fill the water tank.  The other reel is made from schedule 80 steel and is rated for pressures up to 5000psi.  There is 200 feet of high pressure hose on this reel.  Up front, there is all sorts of storage room for chemicals and supplies in the steel treadplate tool box.  On the side skirts, we put a wand and brush holder so you can bring oversized tools to the job site.  Cougar Catamount Cold Water Trailer Packages start at $4,400.  This highly optioned unit sold in November 2020 for $7,601.


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