Box Truck with Twin Diesel Pressure Washers

We built this impressive rig for a company that does high volume HVAC cleaning.  We started the build with two Landa PDHW diesel pressure washers.  Diesel pressure washers can be fueled at the same time as the diesel truck and diesel engines just last longer.  We mounted the pressure washers to slide so they can easily be serviced from the outside of the truck.  We installed two Cox reels that are electric rewind with a capacity of 500 feet of non-marking hose.  They should be able to reach any roof top unit around.  We connected both pressure washers to a 100 gallon buffer tank.  When connected to a garden hose, they should have uninterrupted operation.  Both pressure washers are vented through the roof and have safety switches that shut off the burners if the operator forgets to open the vent.  The buffer tank is equipped with a gate valve for quick emptying.  This truck would be ideal for fleet washing or flat work on an epic scale.


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