Air Fresheners & Odor Eliminators

Air Fresheners & Odor Eliminators

Odor Eliminators & Air Fresheners

Cougar Chemical carries the best fragrances around no doubt! We offer all types of fragrances in our odor eliminators and air fresheners, from our famous oil-based fragrances to water-based. These air fresheners will banish any unpleasant smell and replace it with a delightful and unique fragrance while deodorizing the air.

Try our all-time famous, Ohh Baby, it's been our #1 seller for 40 years now! We also offer a product called Odor Knox that actually kills smell at the molecular level. And if you’re looking for an air deodorizer that will get your car smelling like new, try out our New Car fragrance. Our air fresheners and deodorizers are blended in-house in a wide variety of pleasing scents.

Swing on by if you are in the Memphis or Nashville area and smell our wide selection of fragrances! Meanwhile, if you’re shopping online and have any questions about our air fresheners or odor eliminators, feel free to contact us with your queries. We’ll be happy to help you choose your next air deodorizer



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