Why Rent Cleaning Equipment

If you don't make use of a pressure washer or floor scrubber more than a few times a year and cleaning contractors are too expensive, renting might just be your best and most affordable option. 

  1. Cost effective. For the results you get with a professional machine, daily and weekly rental rates yield the same results at a fraction of the cost you'd face purchasing a unit. 
  2. No storage footprint. Professional equipment takes up space, whether it's on the shop floor, in a garage or a truck bed.
  3. Delivery to your job site. Renting can eliminate the hassles and costs of transporting equipment with delivery options.
  4. Performance guaranteed. Rental equipment comes with a worry-free guarantee assuring you that equipment will be serviced and properly maintained.
  5. Project flexibility. Renting allows you to perform seasonal, temporary or specialized work.
  6. Professional guidance. Our staff trains on the general and specialized tools and equipment for rent.
  7. Demo a variety of options. Renting affords you access to the most advanced, innovative equipment available. If you're not entirely happy with one machine, you can easily try a different one next time. 
  8. Zero maintenance. Renting eliminates the need to pay for maintenance (such as winterizing), repair parts, and a service staff. 

Cougar Chemical offers a variety of cleaning equipment in Nashville and Memphis, TN.  Our inventory includes hot water pressure washers, floor scrubbers, sweepers and floor buffers.  You can see our rental inventory and pricing here:


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