Why Did my Pressure Washer Quit?

My Pressure Washer Just Quit

 We get a lot of folks that bring their big box store pressure washer into our showroom and tell us how they just got this washer and how it was working fine but it just quit.

 The problem is almost always the same. They have gone to the big box store or discount tool store and purchased a $399 to $599 special. They take their new toy home and clean the little area their wife was concerned about and one of two things inevitably happens. They or their spouse sees just how dirty everything else is. With that revelation they decide or are persuaded to clean the rest of the house or driveway or around the pool or whatever project the spring cleaning monster pukes up. After a few hours of cleaning and a very little progress the residential pressure washer bites the proverbial dust.

As they look at the washer, then the gun, then the washer, then the gun, then they check the garden hose spigot to make sure the water is still on and after an hour or so of  checking all they can they load the washer up and head back to the big box store.

After standing in line for thirty minutes behind the other three guys being denied return of their broken residential pressure washers, Mr customer explains, how it just quit.

Like those who tread before him he is told, “sir it is against our policy to take pressure washers back” call the 800 number and they will tell you where the closest service center is.” “sorry for the bad news, have a great day.”

Yeah right.

So you call the 800 number and you end up in my store. “My pressure washer just quit.”

Why does this happen?

The reason is really simple. The big box stores know that they need to meet a price point. They must find vendors that will build spec pressure washers to meet a price point, not an application.

Some of the vertical pumps on the pressure washer in those big box stores are only rated for thirty hours of usage. That’s under optimal conditions. The other pressure washers have cheaper versions of pumps and engines to meet the price point and are bid from year to year.

That’s why you don’t see the same brands or styles from year to year.

We can literally ask a few questions and determine the application and recommend the correct commercial grade pressure washer for any application.

A Landa commercial grade pressure washer will last you ten to twenty times longer than the cheap box store brand.

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