Unique Uses for a Wet-Dry Vacuum That You Haven’t Thought Of

Unique Uses for a Wet-Dry Vacuum That You Haven’t Thought Of

There are so many inventions in the world with multiple uses beyond the ones they’re intended for. If you have an idea and think one of your contraptions can serve another dual purpose, explore the options.

We’ve got one worth mentioning: a wet-dry vacuum. Since it does not necessarily operate as a standard home vacuum, you can get creative with this machine. Here are some unique uses for a wet-dry vacuum you haven’t thought of.

Leaf Fighter

Autumn leaves are great. They’re pretty and add to the aesthetic. However, they can be a little annoying at times. When they clog gutters, congest the yard, or get stuck to the deck, you’ll want them gone.

Instead of spending hours raking and trying to get them all one by one, use that wet-dry vacuum. You can even use it after a rainy day when the leaves are not cooperating! All you need to do is reverse the hose so that it blows instead of sucks. Make sure you clean out the canister first.

Car Cleaner

Wet-dry vacuums work miracles on cars. You’re probably not looking forward to all the work involved with cleaning out your car after a few weeks of neglect. No worries! The wet-dry vacuum takes care of all the heavy lifting.

It will collect all the dirt, grime, food crumbs, and any other messes in your car. It’s the perfect tool to use for detailing a car. When you start searching for auto detailing chemical suppliers, keep this piece of equipment close.

Fast Dryer

Did you know this machine dries paint in record time? If you’ve just added a fresh coat of paint to the side of your house or basement walls or recently sealed your deck, consider pulling out the wet-dry vacuum to dry everything in half the time. It really does work at a speedy pace!

Make sure you pass it over the area evenly. You don’t want some places drying faster than others. Don’t get too close to the surface with the vacuum. The air temperature could cause the paint to warp and leave an unfinished look. Stand at a respectable distance and gently move the head back and forth.

Fur Repellent

We love our pets, but we don’t love when they shed. Let’s be honest; the fur gets everywhere and can be a real pain to clean up. Removing that fur with a wet-dry vacuum will be a real lifesaver. No more worrying about whether or not you leave the house covered with clumps of fur.

Take the vacuum to all the surfaces your pet loves to lounge on, and apply the same treatment to a few of your clothes too. If there are some areas in your car you need to tackle, don’t be shy. Have at it!

Here at Chemical Cougar, we have so many tricks and tips you can use when for car detailing and managing your property. Unique uses for a wet-dry vacuum are not all we know. For more information, visit our website.

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