Understanding the Different Pressure Washer Nozzle Colors

Understanding the Different Pressure Washer Nozzle Colors

The color of a pressure washer’s nozzle may seem insignificant, but the color is an important indicator that users must take note of. There are five universal spray tips, and all operators need to know their meanings before powering up one of these tools. We can help you understand the different pressure washer nozzle colors.

Red Spray Nozzle

When you see red, think “zero degrees.” The red tip makes a 0-degree spray pattern, and it’s the most powerful nozzle—hence why they chose red. Red usually implies caution and encourages people to pay attention. Stop signs are a good example of red’s alert-like nature.

Be extremely cautious when you use this nozzle. You don’t want to cause any damage to the surface or to anyone in the vicinity. Keep the nozzle pointed down when not in use, and only use this spray tip for those extremely difficult areas.

Yellow Spray Nozzle

Yellow spray nozzles create a 15-degree wide spray pattern. They’re not as powerful as the red spray tip, but they still pack a mighty punch. You want to be cautious with this nozzle too.

Use the 15-degree nozzle on your more heavy-duty areas. For example, if you need to wash the garage, sidewalk, or anything concrete, yellow is your go-to. However, you don’t want to use this nozzle for cleaning areas such as the side of a home.

Green Spray Nozzle

Green spray tips produce a 25-degree spray pattern. This nozzle covers more ground than the previous two, so the spray is not so concentrated on one area. This tip works well for wider surfaces you need to clear off.

Cleaning off furniture, brick patios, walkways, and decks is easiest with this nozzle. The spray is not as harsh on the surface, but it’s still powerful enough to clear away some of those more stubborn stains.

White Spray Nozzle

Don’t let the less intimidating nozzles fool you. A white nozzle tip still helps you finish your work. White spray tips generate a 40-degree spray pattern, and it works best for delicate items.

Using this spray tip on sidewalks won’t provide the most promising results. Instead, you can use this option to wash the side of your home. The spray is gentle enough to avoid breaking any windows but strong enough to clear away grime.

Black Spray Nozzle

Last but certainly not least, we have the black spray nozzle. This nozzle produces a 65-degree spray pattern and has the widest and most gentle stream. Operators should use this tip for applying detergent and rinsing away the soap.

This tip is excellent for cleaning up after you clear away all the stubborn spots. Do a thorough cleaning with this tip and remove any suds and ensure your work does not leave behind an unattractive film.

If your machine breaks at any point, we gladly offer pressure washer repairs in Nashville. Feel free to stop by! For more information about pressure washers, aside from understanding the different nozzle colors, check out our Cougar Chemical website.

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