The Cost of NOT Owning a Floor Scrubber

The Cost of NOT Owning a Floor Scrubber

In this blog we will look at cost analysis for floor scrubbers including ROI (Return On Investment). when determining the cost of keeping your floors clean you will need to plug in the method of cleaning, i.e. mop and bucket or floor scrubber, the area your cleaning and the frequency that you clean along with the cost of your employee.

The NFI(National Floor Institute) shows that a person with a mop can clean 1500square ft per hour. Even though we know a mop is extremely limited on being able to clean as well as a scrubber from a standpoint of cross contamination, we will still use this factor to determine the break even cost on the purchase of a floor scrubber vs mopping.

Most floor scrubbers have a theoretical rate of cleaning listed on their specification sheet. These are calculated based on brush or drive assisted traverse, size of brush head, cylindrical or disk scrub heads, walk behind or rider scrubber and solution feed capacity.

I’ve included a sample calculation below to give you a visual.

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