Steam Cleaning vs. Pressure Washers: Which Is Best for You?

Steam Cleaning vs. Pressure Washers: Which Is Best for You?

High-intensity cleaning solutions come in two different forms: pressure washing and steam cleaning. Attacking a new cleaning job means you need the right equipment for it, and you want to make sure your choice actually completes the job. We can help you decide which is best for you.

Steam Cleaning

In the past, steam cleaning was the way to go. It had a monopoly on the market for high-intensity cleaning. Steamers heat the water past its boiling point to produce steam. This method requires the steamer to use the jet of steam on the intended surface. The steam removes the mess and sanitizes the surface—two jobs in one. The steam is so powerful that it kills bacteria, organic waste, and undesirable microbes. It’s also more cost-effective than pressure washing because it uses far less water to get the job done.

Pressure Washers

Pressure washing may not be as old as steam cleaning, but it’s a resourceful option. Pressure washers get the job done powerfully and efficiently. These machines use more brute force from the cleaning arsenal.

It works well for the more difficult jobs that steam is no match for. Areas caked with mud, grease, and grime need a pressure washer on the scene. It delivers a concentrated stream of high-velocity water and combines force and moisture to loosen and remove the toughest stains.

Which To Choose?

Still don’t know which option to go with? Steam cleaning might be the best approach if you want to avoid chemicals and strong detergents. However, you need a pressure washer for those stains that won’t budge.

The pressure washing machine has a longer reach than a steam cleaner, meaning you can extend to areas above the head that are the most neglected. Don’t be concerned about the pressure levels. The different nozzles tell the operator the pressure level that the machine will apply to the surface to avoid any damage. This information is important when it comes to commercial car cleaning equipment.

At Cougar Chemical, we’re all about getting surfaces clean in the most effective way possible. That’s why we pride ourselves on helping customers make the tough decisions, like finding the best option between steam cleaning and pressure washers. For more information, visit our website.

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