Radiant Heaters

Radiant Heaters

Several years ago, I rented a warehouse that had no heat. I checked into getting natural gas or a large enough propane tank to run heaters and the cost were so high that I started looking for feasible alternatives. I was researching diesel fired heaters and in my research was trying to determine the proper BTU heater I would need and how much fuel it would burn and stumbled across some information that blew my mind. While reading reviews there were several red flags that were a common theme. The diesel smell they emitted, the dust they created, the fuel they consumed, and the fact you had to have ventilation to run them which was contradictory to heating your desired space. Come to find out blower heaters are not rated on the same BTU system that traditional heating uses. Blower heaters get their BTU rating based on fuel consumption not output. For every gallon of fuel per hour it burns it gets a 100,000 BTU rating. So, it behooves the manufacturers to make the heaters as inefficient as possible so they will burn more fuel and thus get a higher BTU rating. In the meantime, I was calling on a customer who had a disc style heater that they raved about how it ran for two days on one tank of fuel. This little heater was putting out a lot of heat and you could not hear the blower at all. When I asked how they were using the heater with the doors closed they said it was safe to run indoors without ventilation. I thought back to my grandfather who designed a radiant heater using a disc he made for his steel fabrication facility. I remember how it quiet and warm it was but have not really thought about it until this encounter. I could not find a service sticker on the heater and my customer did not know who they got it from, so I called the manufacturer and got the skinny on them. The rest as they say is history. I not only use them in my warehouse that does not have heat, but I also use them in my warehouse that has natural gas heaters. On average I have saved $1500/month on my natural gas bill in the winter since making the switch and have been selling these heaters ever since. The name of this incredible heater is Val6. Below you will see a diagram of the temperature distribution comparison between a traditional heater and the Val6 heater. The heat output equivalent is 3 times that of a blower heater is and it burns 1/3 the fuel. Oh, and the reason I could not hear the blower fan is because radiant heaters do not blow heat. They radiate it, like the sun.

Super-efficient, portable, clean heat – VAL6 delivers all that and more. Indoors, outdoors, warming people, equipment, and materials, the VAL6 outperforms “torpedo” and “salamander” type heaters with almost three times the VAL6 BTU output. The key is Infrared Heat and innovative design.

Super-Efficient, Hundreds of Uses:
▪ Field Repair
▪ Job Site
▪ Cold Spot in Warehouse or Plant
▪ Keep Employees Warm
▪ Keep Material from Freezing
▪ Keep Engines and Equipment Warm
▪ Sports Teams
▪ Not affected by drafts
▪ Not affected by mist
▪ Radiant heat does not tend to rise like heated air
▪ No energy wasted blowing heated air
▪ 99.97% Energy to Heat Output
▪ Almost no Odor
▪ Meets Consumer Safety Products Commission’s National Air Quality Guidelines

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