Quick Guide to Restoring Resilient Floors

Quick Guide to Restoring Resilient Floors

So many different factors contribute to the declining appearance of a car’s interior. There are some cars that just sit and look pretty, and there are others that perform with a purpose. We drive our cars and use them to carry various things.

Over time, they endure some wear and tear, especially in their interiors. Taking care of the inside is just as important as the exterior. Check out this quick guide to restoring resilient floors.

Remove the Carpentry

Start by removing the floor mats from inside your vehicle. You’ll need to cater to these separately from the actual flooring of the car. Try not to leave the mats outside. Part of the reason your car’s flooring has faded is exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

The rays are harsh enough to damage most cars’ interiors. Place the mats indoors so that you can get them after turning your attention to the actual vehicle flooring. Place them inside your garage next to some of the chemicals you intend to use.

Vacuum the Flooring

You don’t mop your home’s floors without sweeping first, so you must extend the same courtesy to your car. Take a vacuum to the flooring and the mats of your vehicle. Get in all the tight spaces to reach some of the crumbs and debris that your car has collected over the years.

Take it a step further and add a broom to the equation. Sweep the flooring and mats first, then take a vacuum cleaning to both. After you’ve taken care of the dirt, you’re ready to move on to the real work.

Use a Chemical

You’ll need a chemical to clean and restore your car’s flooring. At Cougar Chemical, we have car detailing equipment for sale that you can purchase today to take care of more than your car’s flooring. We have carpet dyes that will not change or alter the coloring of your mats or flooring.

They’ll simply restore their original color, and your vehicle will get that new car look back. In order to get the best results, you should consider going a shade darker than the original color. Fill a spray bottle with the dye and focus first on the areas that need the most work. Consider using some extractor soap before adding the dye.

A car is an investment, meaning it’s your responsibility to keep your investment valuable. Follow these steps for restoring resilient floors and watch your car’s value increase. For more information and tips, visit our website.

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