Preparing Your Pressure Washer for Winter

Preparing Your Pressure Washer for Winter

Summer came and went. And now, the cold weather is already here. There are some activities people do in the summer that they assume aren’t possible in the winter. Pressure washing is one of them, but that doesn’t mean you leave your equipment in the lurch. We can tell you how to prepare your pressure washer for winter.

Stabilize the Gasoline

Think about your car in the winter. Every now and then, you need to go outside and start it up to ensure it’s running and stabilize the vehicle. With the pressure washer, you need to do something similar.

Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank to ensure the gas doesn’t get clogged in the fuel lines. Make sure you follow the strict instructions for the correct amount. After you add in the stabilizer, run the engine for about two minutes for it to circulate throughout the system.

Flush Out the Excess

Because of how you use detergents in your machine, some excess residue will remain. Now’s the time to flush it all out. Don’t leave anything clogged inside the hose.

Your special car cleaning equipment you got from us has done its job, and now it needs a good flushing. Fill up a cleaned-out detergent bottle with water and connect it to the mains. Then rinse the area for 60 seconds. The water should appear clear and without any suds or soap. If not, continue until you see the correct results.

Winterize the Machine

You don’t want any leftover water to stay inside the machine because it will freeze during the winter. If that happens, it can burst hoses, coils and even destroy the pump.  These repairs are expensive and no manufacturer will cover it under warranty.  You will need to run a winterization fluid through the machine.  Either winter blend windshield solvent or RV anti-freeze will work fine.  Make sure you pump the winterization fluid through the high pressure side of the pump and the bypass side of the pump.  When running the machine, run it until winterization fluid comes out of the wand then drop the trigger for a few seconds to flush out the bypass lines.

Wipe It Dry

After you’ve removed all the excess, you’ll need to wipe down the hosepipe and the inside. Those small water droplets may not seem like a big deal, but they can cause some damage from rusting.

A rusted pressure washer is never a good one. Get a microfiber cloth to wipe down the machine. It’ll absorb any liquids without being harsh or rough.

Store It Away

And the very last thing you need to do is store it away. You can’t just place it anywhere, either. You need to find a safe and dry place to put the machine in the upcoming months. A heated environment would be best.

If this isn’t an option, storing it high inside a shed or garage is acceptable. Avoid placing it on lower levels because that’s where cold air tends to sit. You want to avoid freezing options as much as possible. Place a cloth on top to prevent bugs from entering the machine.

Preparing your pressure washer for winter is easy, especially when you refer to these tips. For more information, you can see our winterization video here

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