My Pressure Washer is my Hero

My Pressure Washer is my Hero

Pressure washers can make light work of cleaning most anything that can handle getting wet. Over the last 30 plus years I’ve cleaned kids, pets, furniture, vehicles, concrete, dog food plants, sugar warehouses, pipes, inside and out, pools, houses, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, trains, train tracks, stadiums, elephants,(yes elephants) hogs, airplanes, jet engines, sewer lines, pallets, motors, engines, barges, boats, trailers, wheels, floors, ceilings, walls, beams, toys, playsets, zoos, universities, apartments, awnings, gutters, roofs, tarps, pits, boat docks, piers, bridges, chicken houses, barns, tractors, lawn mowers, chain saws, weed eaters, churches, fences, heavy equipment, parking garages, and even other pressure washers just to name a few. With the correct pressure washer, the correct detergent, and the correct accessories and a little training a pressure washer can clean almost anything. Most people don’t know of all the accessories available to make light work of a seemingly insurmountable task. Here are just some of the cool accessories available. Surface Cleaners from 6 to 60 inches for cleaning vertical or horizontal surfaces like tile, grout, carpet, concrete, and wood. These guys are the workhorse for flat work cutting the time it takes to clean by 75%. I always say a surface cleaner is like using a lawn mower compared to a weed eater for cutting grass. Gutter cleaners allow you to clean your gutters by standing on the ground, where its safe, and your gutters are water proof. Tank cleaners, duct cleaners, drum cleaners, sewer line cleaners allow you to clean the inside of any size tank, duct or line and oscillate up to 360°. Pit cleaners can make a 5gpm pressure washer extract 25gpm of water and muck. Water brooms softly and evenly sweep debris away. Turbo nozzles & hydro excavator nozzles aggressively destroy dirt. Foam cannons and oscillating car wash brushes make cleaning your vehicle easy and fun, we highly recommend getting the whole family involved, it’s better than the zoo. solar panel cleaners are a must if you want your solar panels to work. High rise window cleaners make those big glass structures sparkle. Wet sand and soda blast kits transform your pressure washer into a full-blown sandblasting machine without all the sand dust. Chemical injectors and applicators accurately and quickly dispense your detergent when and where it needs to be applied saving valuable time and energy. Under carriage cleaners are excellent to wash off the salt and gunk from under your vehicle and are required on most construction sites to keep from contaminating the entry exit points. Long range nozzles are great for knocking down wasp nests and applying detergent up to 60 ft. Water reclaim scuppers allow you to reclaim your wash water with your pressure washer so you can comply with environmental enforcement. Ant bed killers are great for sports venues where chemical application isn’t wanted. Its safe effective and the ants don’t really like it. Hose reels with capacities from 50 to 1000 feet of hose in manual and electric rewind make work safer and easier and save your hoses from unnecessary wear and tear. Extension wands from 12 to 60 feet make cleaning vertical surfaces safer, again saving that all to valuable resource, TIME. And last but not least, well maybe least, even a hurricane stoppering scenario (see video to believe)

Make sure you use your pressure washer to its full capabilities and enjoy the time and money you save with your family

Love God, Love others and have a Cougariifc day

Until next time Billy Fields

Billy is free-lanced writer for the scratching post. Free because he can’t anyone to pay for his efforts.

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