Important Products You’ll Need To Clean a Car’s Interior

Important Products You’ll Need To Clean a Car’s Interior

Many people consider a clean car to be one with a sparkling buff on the outside. However, we spend most of our car time on the inside, so you should keep it as clean, tidy, and germ-free as possible. Whether you need a list for an at-home car wash on the driveway or you must clean used cars at a dealership, we have all the essentials ready. Discover the important products you’ll need to clean a car’s interior.

Glass Cleaner

No one can drive a car if the windows are fogged or smudged. You can use a glass cleaner for tough interior fingerprints and spill stains. Glass cleaner solutions have special properties that work hard on oils and dirt while being easily wipeable, leaving no trace when you wipe them off properly.  An aerosol glass cleaner like Cougar's No Streak is a preferred product because if foams and sticks to surfaces, allowing it to brake down grime.  For high volume shops, you may want to consider a concentrate like Car Brite's Select Glass cleaner that dilutes at 30:1.  Glass Towels have properties that help remove stubborn grime while being absorbent and gentle on glass.

Microfiber Cloths

If you want to make use of your cleaning chemicals and solutions, you need a way to spread, scrub, and absorb the liquid. That’s where microfiber cloths come in handy. These all-purpose towels contain uniquely constructed fiber patterns that are simultaneously super absorbent and gentle on surfaces. Whether you’re wiping down your digital screen display or your gas pedal, a microfiber cloth will trap dirt and clear off the surface in no time.

Handheld Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is the quintessential cleaning tool that digs deep using air. Make sure you have a handheld vacuum or extension tube at the ready so you can suck away pesky crumbs and loose dirt. This device will save you lots of time cleaning by sucking up all debris at once.

Leather Cleaner

Many car interiors feature seats and parts covered in leather. While this premium material is luxurious, it does require a nuanced cleaning routine. Use a designated leather cleaner to wipe down and polish the surface so you can maximize its luster.  Leather cleaners should be followed up with a leather conditioner that brings moistures and luster back to leather surfaces.  Some products are combination products that cleans and conditions at the same time.  Use a melamine foam eraser block with a quality leather cleaner for removing especially difficult stains.

Knowing the most important products you’ll need to clean a car’s interior is vital for a successful wash. No matter how many cars you clean or how often you clean them, having these items on standby will simplify your journey to cleanliness. If you need automotive cleaning supplies, explore our car detailing equipment for sale at Cougar Chemical today.

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