Important Maintenance Tips for Pressure Washing Professionals

Important Maintenance Tips for Pressure Washing Professionals

Pressure washers rank as the most versatile tools in the cleaning business. These machines can clean almost anything, from exterior siding to delicate interior tile work. Since professionals commonly use these tools, they can experience quite a bit of wear and tear. Without proper care and treatment, your pressure washer can undergo severe damage. This article goes over some important maintenance tips for pressure washing professionals so that you can extend the life span of your pressure washer.

Flush It Out After Every Use

First, you must understand your pressure washer on a mechanical level. The back of the washer has an attachment point for a garden hose or similar water line source. The water flows into the pressure washer, and the main pump raises the pressure to whatever level you desire. Next, the pump and motor are the most vital and vulnerable parts of the pressure washer, and sometimes damage stems from the high pressure the pump generates.

Your pressure washer can also experience damage from water that remains in the pump after you complete a job. Therefore, you should flush out the pump with a can of pump lube after each use. Use the built-in hose to attach the can to the inlet port. Then, press the trigger until fluid comes out of the pressure hose port, pushing out the water and providing your pump with a protective coating of lubricant.

Check Your Drive Belts

Your drive belt can also undergo severe damage without regular maintenance checks. Make sure to check your drive belt often, but only when the machine is off and unplugged. Also check the belt tension between the pulleys by pressing against the top of the belt halfway between the two pulleys. Use a measurement tool to check the exact placement deflection. After this, account for any wear or damage on the belt. If you see any noticeable wear on the slot, pump mounting rails, or frame, replace the drive belt.

Stabilize Your Fuel

You have either a gasoline pressure washer or an electric one. Gasoline pressure washers are more mobile than electric ones, but they require more maintenance. If you leave your gasoline washer unused for an extended period, you must stabilize the gas tank. If you don’t do this, deposits can gum up your motor, leading to overheating and severe damage. Regularly check your engine’s fuel and oil levels, and turn off the tool before refueling. Use the correct fuel oil, or you may damage the pump, which relies on the fuel passing through it for lubrication. Lastly, ensure that water or debris aren’t contaminating the fuel source, tank, or drum.

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